New Finch for Text® White Paper Now Available

June 21, 2017

Reston, VA – A new Finch for Text® white paper is now available for download on Finch Computing, the data analytics company behind Finch for Text®, released the paper today to reflect the solution’s enhanced capabilities since the last white paper on the technology was issued.

“We’re really excited about getting this new white paper into people’s hands,” Finch Computing Executive Vice President of Operations Caryn Alagno said. “It talks about the kind of entity-level intelligence that Finch for Text® delivers, and the ways in which were working with organizations of all kinds to get more, better insights from their unstructured text resources.”

Specifically, the paper addresses:

  • Entity Extraction: Identifying and classifying named entities in text
  • Entity Disambiguation: Resolving the identity of an entity to a knowledgebase
  • Entity Enrichment: Adding metadata about an entity to it, so it is more meaningful for analysis
  • Entity-Level Sentiment Assignment: Assigning sentiment to individual entities rather than entire documents or sentences.

The new white paper also covers the technical approach underpinning Finch for Text®’s capabilities, its performance in terms of speed, scale and accuracy, as well as the various use cases and differentiators of the product.

Interested parties can download it directly from the Finch Computing homepage at



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