Enhancements to Finch for Text® API Deliver Even Better Performance, Flexibility

June 14, 2017

Reston, VA – Finch Computing, a division of Qbase, LLC, today announced several recent improvements to its Finch for Text® API solution. Taken together, the updates make this powerful, real-time unstructured text analytics solution even more valuable for users.

Of the updates, senior product manager Steve Gaeke said, “While we do a Finch for Text® release each week, the latest set of updates constitutes an impressive up-leveling in performance. The team has been working incredibly hard and we’re very pleased with the results.”

Specifically, the updates improve the extraction, disambiguation and enrichment capabilities in Finch for Text® in terms of both accuracy and the richness of returned results.  In addition, they give users more flexibility than ever to use Finch for Text® in a way that best meets their needs.

The updates include:

  • A new “show me everything” button in the Finch for Text® demo that allows a user to see everything we know about a disambiguated entity. For disambiguated people and organizations, this includes as many as 45 pieces of identifying information, which can also be returned in the JSON response for API users.
  • The ability for a user to specify the entity types and features to return within each “enrich” request. This allows users to get only the responses they want, without having to sift through information they don’t.
  • The ability to accept and suppress non-printable characters without an impact on quality. This feature is valuable for customers processing lots of noisy data.
  • Improved extraction for people, organizations, geographic places and URLs.
  • Organizations and IP addresses have geographic components to their identities. Finch for Text® now returns those geo-coordinates to users and plots them on a map in the demo site. Additionally, we’ve performed a data update to provide more accurate geographic enrichments of IP addresses.
  • Improvements and additions to our knowledgebases that improve entity disambiguation.
  • Enhancements to our API service that improve internal status reporting and alerting.

“I look forward to our customers testing out these new features,” Gaeke continued. “I also look forward to tackling the exciting things on our roadmap that will add continued performance, capabilities, dimension and value to the product for our customers.”

To learn more about Finch for Text, please visit: https://finchai.com/finch-for-text/. To request access to the Finch for Text demo or API, or to read our documentation, please visit: https://text.finchcomputing.com



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