Finch Computing’s Entity-Level Sentiment Assignment Now Available to Bitvore Customers

 Bitvore and Finch Computing Launch Innovative Partnership to Bring In-Demand Sentiment Capability to the Bitvore Precision Intelligence Platform

December 14, 2017

Irvine, CA and Reston, VA – Bitvore Corporation, whose intelligence gathering and analysis platform is tailored for investment professionals, today announced an innovative new partnership with Finch Computing, makers of the real-time text analytics solution Finch for Text®. Under the partnership, Bitvore customers now have access to entity-level sentiment, as well as document and sentence-level sentiment, on companies mentioned in their tagged content.

“We’re excited about being able to offer sentiment indications to customers using our financial services platform,” Bitvore President Jeff Curie said. “Finch has built an easy way for our customers to receive fast and accurate sentiment assignment on the huge volumes of streaming text monitored by the Bitvore platform today.”

“We’re glad to be partnering with Bitvore to offer entity sentiment to their customers,” Finch Computing CTO Scott Lightner said. “With this new offering, Bitvore’s customers can now understand the precise sentiment associated with the intelligence gathered about a company or asset – either per mention, by the sentence or per document, or in the aggregate of an entire dataset.”

Finch Computing holds numerous patents in natural language processing, machine learning, topic modeling, data compression and more. This IP portfolio and its in-house data science expertise enable Finch for Text to perform accurately and quickly, and at huge scale. Out of the box, Finch for Text’s models are trained on news, however customizations for other content types – like earnings call transcripts, email traffic or dark web messages – have been easily accommodated for customers.

“Our customers are going to find tremendous value in the capabilities Finch brings to the table.” Curie continued. “We’re looking forward to a successful and rewarding partnership with Finch Computing and Finch for Text”



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