Introducing the Finch AI Platform

Turning Data into Actionable Insights for AI-assisted Decision Making


Surface Critical Insights in Real-time

With Finch AI, transform unstructured data into actionable insights in real-time. Our platform understands and interprets diverse data sources, providing you with the most relevant information promptly. Seamlessly seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and make proactive decisions.Experience the power of real-time insights and make confident decisions on the fly.

A Unified View of Your Data Landscape

Finch AI provides a cohesive, unified view of your data by employing entity resolution to link mentions across various sources. This comprehensive perspective allows you to focus on critical information, enhancing your ability to make strategic decisions.

Visualize Relationships with Knowledge Graph

Finch AI’s integrated Knowledge Graph feature helps you visualize and understand the relationships and connections within your data. This clear, comprehensive view empowers you to make more informed decisions, providing a deeper understanding of your operations

Adaptive Intelligence for Evolving Insights

Finch AI is a dynamic learning platform designed to adapt and evolve with your data. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Finch AI continually refines its ability to deliver valuable insights, learning from each new piece of data it encounters. This adaptive intelligence means that as your data grows and changes, so too does Finch AI’s understanding, enabling it to provide more nuanced and relevant insights over time. Experience a platform that grows with you, enhancing its abilities and adapting to your evolving needs.

Deeper Insights with Generative AI

Finch AI’s Generative AI reshapes how you interact with and understand your data. It enables seamless data retrieval, accelerates decision-making, automates insightful summaries, and facilitates real-time analysis. It goes beyond by creating data-driven scenarios, generating comprehensive reports, and revealing hidden connections. With Finch AI, transform raw data into dynamic insights and innovative solutions.

Sharpen Your Edge with Real-time Sentiment Analysis

Finch AI’s real-time sentiment analysis offers a comprehensive view of the sentiment landscape, encompassing not only public opinion but also the sentiment implications of factual events. By assessing sentiment around specific entities within vast data sets, you gain the power to anticipate trends, understand audience perceptions, and respond effectively. From news and social chatter to detailed reports, every source is a valuable input for our robust analysis. Finch AI not only delivers these insights but ensures they are backed by credible evidence.

Unprecedented Source Access

Harness the boundless power of PAI and CAI data, with seamless access to the most exhaustive collection of sources available.

3+ Billion

News articles, Domains, blogs, sites, and more

250 Million

Documents processed per day

200+ Languages

Accurately processed within context


Documents burst-processed per second

The most accurate and comprehensive curated data for decision makers.

20+ Million


8+ Million

Global Companies across all industries, both public and private sectors

5+ Million

Individuals, executives, insiders and influencers


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