LexisNexis Selects Finch Computing as Text Analytics Partner

Real-Time, At-Scale Analytics Solution, Finch for Text®, Displaces Previous Vendor

May 23, 2017

Reston, VA – Finch Computing, a division of Qbase, LLC, today announced that it is working with global information service provider, LexisNexis via its Business Insight Solutions division. Using its Finch for Text® API solution, Finch Computing now processes LexisNexis’s entire English language news feed, which includes news and social media content from more than 15,000 sources worldwide.

Specifically, in real-time, Finch for Text® extracts entities in the LexisNexis feed, resolves their identities to massive, hand-curated knowledgebases, and adds additional entity intelligence (metadata) to them incredibly quickly, accurately and at scale.

“We’re extremely pleased to be working with LexisNexis, a trusted information service provider to thousands of businesses and individuals globally,” said Finch Computing’s Chief Technology Officer Scott Lightner. “We’re even more pleased that we’re able to offer them superior quality and performance derived from our IP in text analytics, high-throughput computing, and entity intelligence.”

For LexisNexis, Finch for Text® offers:

  • Speed: Finch for Text® extracts and disambiguates people, places and organizations in the streaming LexisNexis news feed, with an average response time of 300 milliseconds per document.
  • Scale: With a minimal cloud footprint, Finch for Text® can process up to 9 million entity-rich documents every 24 hours. Additional capacity is as easy as adding a new instance.
  • Accuracy: Finch for Text® also delivers precision and recall scores reliably in the 80s and 90s across multiple entity types – unheard of in the text analytics space. This enables LexisNexis to offer an improved search experience to its customers.
  • Utility: LexisNexis can also simultaneously reprocess its entire content archive of more than one billion documents, further enhancing the search experience for its end users.

“There’s not a more trusted source for insights and information that supports business decision-making than LexisNexis,” Lightner continued. “We’re glad they’ve trusted us to be their text analytics partner, and we look forward to a successful relationship.”

For more information about Finch Computing or Finch for Text® please visit finchai.com.



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