Finch for Text® Demonstrated at the U.S. Army SIGNAL Conference

Reston, VA – Finch Computing, developers of the powerful natural language processing software Finch for Text® recently attended the U.S. Army SIGNAL Conference, demonstrating the product’s capabilities and talking about its potential with U.S. Army attendees.

“We were thrilled at the reception Finch for Text® got among the attendees,” Finch Computing Vice President of Operations Stephen Scibetta said. “The combination of capabilities and the product’s real-time, at-scale nature make it an extremely attractive for a number of Army use cases.”

Hosted annually by AFCEA, the U.S. Army SIGNAL Conference convenes industry and academia to discuss critical Army priorities such as network modernization, cyber, cloud, data design, protection, and maintenance, among many other enterprise-level topics. The event attracts senior leaders and technology partners with an interest in understanding or showcasing emerging technologies, as well as learning about central issues like talent development and training.

Finch for Text® enables unique, accurate and thorough understanding of content – in the form of news, notes, reports, message traffic, transcripts or any other kind of unstructured text and is used to support a number of mission critical use cases in the defense, national security and intelligence communities alike.

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