Finch for Text® Adds “Thing” Entity Support

Reston, VA – Finch Computing, makers of the innovative natural language processing text analytics solution, Finch for Text®, today announced that it has added “things” as a new supported entity category in the product.

“Finch for Text® is known as a performant, high-fidelity solution for the extraction, enrichment and disambiguation of entities like people, geographic places, organizations, companies and more than two dozen other entity types,” Finch Computing Chief Technology Officer Scott Lightner said. “By adding ‘things’ to the mix, the product will become even more valuable for use cases such as brand monitoring, intelligence and more. Additionally, by recognizing mentions of ‘things’ for what they are, we can further improve the accuracy of our results.”

The “thing” category in Finch for Text® includes items in the chemical, medical, financial, legal, technology and product domains.

Lightner continued, “This is an extension of our ability to find meaning in text and leverage a zero-shot approach to entity disambiguation – meaning, we don’t have to train Finch for Text to understand specific entities. By adding them to our knowledgebase, they can automatically be disambiguated. It’s really exciting for us and allows us to rapidly bring value and domain-specific entity intelligence to customers.”

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