Finch Computing Earns Four Gold Stars in its Inaugural Participation in the U.S. Department of Defense’s DI2E PlugFest

Reston, VA – Finch Computing, a division of Qbase, LLC, today proudly announced that the company’s entity extraction and disambiguation solution, Finch for Text, has earned four gold stars – the most possible – in the U.S. Department of Defense’s DI2E PlugFest. The DI2E is the DOD’s enterprise architecture component for the Intelligence Mission Area; its PlugFest is an annual event demonstrating mission-furthering advancements in the DI2E.

“We are extremely proud of this recognition,” Finch Computing’s Director of Special Programs John Saling said. “We built Finch for Text as an enhancement to our MetaCarta product, which has long been of service to the DOD. Finch for Text builds on MetaCarta’s geographic discovery capabilities by supporting 14 additional entity types – everything from people and organizations, to IP addresses and currency values. To earn four stars in our first year participating is really incredible. I’m very proud of our team.”

The four gold stars awarded to Finch Computing, for Finch for Text, include recognition in the categories of:

  • DI2E SVCV-4: Describes the information technology (IT) service functionality needed to enable defense intelligence organizations to accomplish their mission objectives.
  • DI2E Mash-Up Participant: Notes participating organizations also taking part in the event’s technology mash-ups, is available through the PX and demonstrates its solutions at the event.
  • DI2E Aligned: Recognizes vendors that have at least one product that has passed relevant DI2E designated tests or made a significant contribution to the DI2E Body of Knowledge.
  • DI2E Cyber Awareness: Confirms that the vendor has reviewed the DI2E Framework Cyber Awareness Guide and the Distributed Development and Test Enterprise (DDTE) Vendor On-Boarding Guide.

Finch for Text is a powerful entity extraction and disambiguation solution. It reads and reasons using a proprietary, context-based, topic-driven approach to understanding large volumes of text. It employs trained models that can identify patterns in text and understand nuances in language.

The product is currently available in an API version, which includes entity extraction across 15 entity types; disambiguation for orgs, people, and geo; custom dictionaries and regular expression capabilities.

The on-premise version of Finch for Text offers entity extraction across 15 entity types; geo disambiguation; custom dictionaries and regular expression capabilities.

“We’ll be in booth 207 both days at the PlugFest,” Saling continued. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity to demo Finch for Text, as well as our enabling, all in-memory analytics platform, FinchDB.”

The PlugFest is being held June 1 and 2 in the Johnson Center on the Campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. It convenes dozens of technology and service providers to the DOD, as well as DI2E Programs of Record, COCOMS and Agencies, and the Intelligence Investment Fund. It features more than 40 displays, dozens of demonstrations, talks from senior leadership, four mashup challenge teams and hundreds of attendees from the region and beyond.

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