Partnering to Deliver Customer Success

Joining forces with leading cloud and technology companies and systems integrators to combine mission understanding with emerging technologies

Finch AI has partnered with Amazon Web Services to deliver scalable AI.

While the Finch AI platform is cloud agnostic, we leverage the comprehensive and trusted capabilities and services of AWS to deliver AI at scale to our commercial customers and deliver significant business value at mission speed.

Through our partnership with LexisNexis, we provide customers with enriched content and business intelligence benefits.

Finch AI has been working with global information service provider LexisNexis, enriching its daily newsfeed collections for more than ten years. In real-time, Finch AI extracts entities (people, places and organizations) in the feed, resolves identities with massive, curated knowledgebases, and adds additional entity intelligence with incredible speed and accuracy, all at scale. Today, Finch AI’s enrichments continue to be delivered to LexisNexis customers via the company’s news platforms and APIs for business intelligence.

In partnership with TVEyes, Finch AI delivers enriched content in realtime from 2,700+ stations around the world, in 22 languages from 24 countries.

TVEyes is a global collector of television, radio, and podcast content. Through our partnership, Finch AI enriches the text transcripts collected by TVEyes with our patented technology. TVEyes customers then receive the video, audio, original transcript, station and program metadata, and a refined transcript that is fully enriched, with inter-entity relationships discovered, geospatial coordinates, key phrases, topic vectors, and sentiment analysis.  Finch AI is able to identify advertisements and remove these from story segments, or retain them if ad analytics for marketing use cases are required.


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