Finch Computing Increasingly Leverages Data-Centric AI Across its Product Suite

Herndon, VA – Finch Computing, developers of innovative natural language technologies, today announced that it is increasingly integrating data-centric artificial intelligence into its product suite to further accelerate the delivery of accurate and insightful entity-based intelligence to customers.

Data-centric artificial intelligence (AI) is an approach that prioritizes iteratively curating higher-quality datasets to train better-performing models. The approach drives faster development and more accurate results by integrating subject-matter expertise with programmatic techniques to augment and enhance data.

“We are fortunate to have a talented team of data scientists and developers with an appetite for emerging trends and the skills to integrate them into our products,” Finch Computing Data Science Team Lead Summer Chambers said. “We’re already seeing the results pay dividends for our customers and their essential missions.”

Finch Computing developed and supports Finch for Text®, a real-time NLP software as a service offering; Finch Data as a Service (DaaS), which provides curated real-time data feed products; and Finch Analyst, which leverages AI to deliver entity-driven insights and alerts. These products are in use today across the Federal government in a variety of mission-critical use cases and in the financial services and information aggregator space, enhancing analytics efforts that underpin strategic decision-making or entire product categories.

“By infusing data-centric AI into our development process, we are finding better, more efficient solutions to real-world problems,” Chambers continued. “This drives the utility of our products, and we’re exceptionally proud of the performance they deliver for our customers.”

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